Types of Pests

Types of Pests

Types Of Pests

The below links are to the various types of pests for pest identification and recommended pest control methods.

Types of Pests Control Methods

The types of pest control methods are of two kinds, preventive and protective. Pest Control Auckland Steam n Dry guarantee their pests control service treatments. Kill pests in South Auckland City, North Shore, East, West.  Preventive measures are used before the pest arrives, and protective measures are used to control the pest after their arrival. The methods of controlling pest are below:

1. Manual Pest Control Methods

a.  Picking of pests, removing larvae and destroying them.

b. Remove any plant that is infested.

c. Set traps. 4) Catch them with the help of the net.

2.  Outside Pest methods

a. Clean areas.

b. Proper use of manure.

c.  plant pest-resistant plants.

d.  Timely sowing.

3. Pest Control Spray Methods

This method is the leading pest control method for control of pests. Pest control sprays that kill the parasite are used. These pest control sprays are effective and faster as compared to other methods, but if not used correctly, can be hazardous to the environment. Improper use of these pest control sprays leads to the development of resistance among the pests causing massive outbreaks.

4.  Biological Pest Methods

Use of biological agents to control pests. Most pests are controlled by nature. There are certain predators, micro-organisms parasites, birds, animals, that can be used for control of pests.

Pest Management

The control of pest has not remained as active as earlier. This raises the resistance of parasites against pest control products.  The environmental imbalance is another effect of such methods, so it is the necessity of the time to use physical, mechanical, biological, environmental to control pests. It also uses biological extracts, traps, repellents, etc. for pest control.

These are essential pests. Pests have three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings, a segmented body and eyes and antennae. Insects are tricky and cause damage to indifferently. They are sucking sap from plants, biting plant parts. The damaging stages of different insect pests are larvae, adults and nymphs. Pest Control Auckland Steam n Dry guarantee their pests control service treatments. Kill pests in South Auckland City, North Shore, East, West.

A.  Dust Mite Control

These are creatures like an insect but have a soft body and four pairs of legs. These tiny creatures have a red or pale yellow colour. They suck the sap from the plant and attack the crops in huge number.

B.  Rodent Control 

This group of pest eat away a large amount of human food and also damage the crops on a large scale. They are also responsible for the massive loss to stored grains on farms, in warehouses and houses.

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