Cockroach Identification

Cockroach Identification

Cockroach Identification in Aucklandcockroach identification Auckland

Steam ‘n’ Dry Pest Control Auckland Services provide expert control services for over 34 years. Also, wasp, ant, rodent, spider, bed bug, dust mite, cockroach, fly, and flea control services since 1987. We are serving North Shore, South Auckland, Eastern Bays, West Auckland City and Hibiscus Coast. Cockroach identification is indeed vital, so read on to know more!

Five common kinds of cockroaches get into our homes. Thus, cockroach identification is crucial in cockroach control.


American Cockroach Identification

It is probably the biggest among the common species. For an adult, it is about 30 mm long. Its colour is reddish-brown that has a light brown or yellow border. The two sexes have well-developed wings, but the male’s wings stretch beyond the abdomen.

Finally, the female drops her egg capsule the next day off after production. This egg capsule could be around a food source and other spots. Thus, an egg capsule in a damp place around a decaying wood. In short, this capsule may occur in a suitable surface area with secretions coming from the female’s mouth.


Asian Cockroach Identification

They are nearly similar to German cockroaches. The Asian cockroach also infests gardens and outside. They are indeed excellent flyers and tend to enter into homes quickly. In fact, during the late afternoon and early evening, while you’re resting. Indeed, Steam ‘n’ Dry Pest Control Auckland Services provide cockroach control, bed bug, ant, insect, flea and fly control services. Furthermore, carpet beetle, wasp, spider, dust mite and rodent control services since 1987. Throughout West Auckland, North Shore, South Auckland and Hibiscus Coast.


Brown-banded Cockroach Identification

One of the smaller cockroaches is a light brown-banded cockroach. It has bands that may be irregular or broken and are far more noticeable in the young and females than males. The males and females are active, and the adult male may fly once disrupted. Pretty much all stages of the brown-banded cockroach may jump when attempting to get away. Also, you will usually see them in the same structures as the German cockroaches. As a result of these two cockroaches appearing pretty much the same, misidentification is possible. Although the female features a broader figure as compared to the male.


German Cockroach Identification

It is indeed a concern if nothing is done to control them. They are considered the most persistent cockroach. The reason behind the increase is that the egg capsules carried throughout their life cycle. They only drop the egg capsule as soon as the babies begin, therefore increasing the life cycle. Also, almost every other cockroaches lay an egg capsule providing them receptive to conditions and predators, consequently decreasing their life span.


Oriental Cockroach Identification

These are about the size of the smoky brown cockroach and are brownish or black. The oriental cockroach found in damp areas, just like sewers and moist basements. They usually are located below ground level indoors. You might not see them on walls, cabinets, and upper structures. Oriental cockroaches feed on many dirt and other decaying organic matter. In cold temperatures, you’ll likely see them migrating inside.


Smoky Brown Cockroach Identification

It is slightly smaller than the American Cockroach and is brownish. Also, smoky brown cockroaches are almost similar to American cockroaches. Thus, they are known for their smaller size and uniform mahogany colour. The nymphs have extended antennae with white tips. It is essential to know which cockroach you are dealing with. Without a doubt, various species live in multiple habitats. They behave very uniquely and prefer other foods. Each species requires unique techniques to kill them.


Call Steam ‘n’ Dry Cockroach Control Auckland Services on 0800 199 399 or email us. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry guarantees cockroach identification and management in East Auckland City, North Shore, South, and West.


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Experienced, researched and written by Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. With over 34 years of disinfecting, cleaning and pest control Auckland services experience.

Published: 6/11/2014 Updated: 29/12/2021

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